Friday, April 15, 2011

Futsal Shoes Nike 5 T-3 CT - Black/Met Silver/Cyber

This T-3 Nike5 various soccer shoes stock lot of benefit from a range of Nike's top futsal shoes, but with a much lower cost. No need to compromise on features or good quality!

With the rise and rise of Evening Soccer the Nike Fives collection adds a new edge to football as a coach is to give more choice to the footwear available to this ever growing sport.

Mixed leather and synthetic materials on top giving a perfect balance between convenience, taste and durability.

Padding is added at the foot extend shoe life and increase the accuracy of the ball when poked the ball into the goal.

Hexagonal grass buttons provide major traction on all hard and artificial grass surfaces.

Nike Fives range of footwear aims to enhance speed, control, movement, strength and vision - an important asset for every 5-side player.

Features Include:
ToePunt technology for improved ball control and shot accuracy.
Inter leather upper for comfort.
Molded EVA sockliner in the midsole to cushion the heel.
Articulating turf studs for ultimate traction and flexibility.

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